Applications can be made by partnered health care clinicians and employees. The first challenge is to identify a real unmet need in the health system requiring an innovative solution.

You are not expected to have the solution, only to have identified the problem.


Applications for the next Western Health IAP will be open from April 15th to May 15th 2024.

The idea or unmet need should be related to health out comes or the health system, including technology within a health care setting

Solutions must have benefits for public health, patient care or solve a clinical problem

Solutions must have significant or global benefit.

3:3:3 Process

The 3:3:3 process revolves around 3 key milestones of the innovation acceleration program. From close of applications to the final pitching event participants will receive Business Development and professional services support and guidance. At the conclusion of the pitching event successful teams will receive funding and support for the following 12 months.